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Working with Oblix: Ceramic Solutions for Tableware Performance Issues


What was needed:

We were delighted when our client at Coya Restaurant introduced us to Travis McKechnie, General Manager, and Marcus Eaves, Executive Chef at Oblix in the Shard. Travis and Marcus were looking for a reliable solution to the supply and performance issues they were facing with their existing tableware range and were seeking a provider that could meet their catering ware requirements in a timely fashion.

The client was looking to replicate their existing range with improved durability, but were also open to considering new ideas for tableware that may provide a solution to the performance issues they were facing.

What we did:

We invited Travis and Marcus down to our premises in Surrey to discuss their exact requirements. It was integral for us to learn more about what the tableware was used for regarding presentation and the problems they were facing with their existing range, in order to provide insightful advice.

After the discussion, we showed Travis and Marcus around the factory, so they could gain an insight into the processes and techniques involved in creating our bespoke tableware. The tour also comprised of a look at our entire range of shapes and glazes, where the client was able to shortlist a selection of products they liked.

After narrowing down design ideas, we produced a range of samples for the client, so they could gain a clearer idea of how the products would work within their restaurant. The process involved hand throwing two different plate concepts to create the handmade look the client was looking for. Different textures were applied to each product and a range of glaze solutions were also sent off.

After finalising the design, Oblix were happy to confirm their order for an entire range of new tableware.

The results:

  • Bespoke moulds were created for Oblix, to replicate the desired handmade look in volume
  • The order was fulfilled to the client’s specific requirements and standard
  • The order was fulfilled within a timely fashion
  • Travis and Marcus were extremely happy with their order and have continued to work with Surrey Ceramics on further projects

Ross Matthew Gailer, Assistant General Manager at Oblix, The Shard, said:Chris Greenaway and all of the team at Surrey Ceramics have been nothing but helpful and versatile with our crockery development ever since our collaboration in mid/late 2016. Chris has helped us design and mould our line of crockery at Oblix exceeding all expectations. The delivery and correspondence is always on point ensuring the service provided remains at the top standard we are constantly striving for. Thank you Chris, your company’s efforts do not go un-noticed’.


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