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Working with The Find: Not your everyday tableware

What was needed:

We were delighted when David Orme from The Find in Cheltenham commissioned Surrey Ceramics to design and produce their catering ware. David was starting a new venture, opening a modern, regency feel coffee house that needed to be set apart from the everyday high street café.

As part of this venture, David was looking for a range of unique and bespoke cups & saucers, plates, bowls, tapas dishes, jugs and dipping pots that would present The Find as a unique space for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As everything at The Find is locally sourced, it was important to David that the crockery was also produced in the UK alongside being hard-waring, dishwasher proof and budget friendly.

(Image courtesy of The Find)

What we did:

With David’s requirements in mind and working from a foundation of items he liked, we narrowed down a range of products, finishes and glazes that would be suitable and produced a range of samples that would allow David to gain a clear insight into how the products would work within The Find.

A few weeks later, we invited David down to Surrey Ceramics to discuss his final requirements. As part of The Find’s new crockery range, David informed us that he needed mugs with specific floz sizes for his artisan coffees. We talked through a range of mugs that could work before ultimately deciding on one which would be most suitable. David wanted to change the handle on the mug, which we were able to accommodate, although this was decided against in the final production run.

As most of the mugs David had chosen shared the same saucer design, we advised that only half the number of saucers originally requested by The Find would need to be ordered. We also talked through a range of finishes for the crockery range before David ultimately chose a mixture of three glazes including our Nirvana, Apollo and Halo finishes.

(Image courtesy of The Find) 

The results:

• The client ordered between 20-100 pieces of each item within the range; split between the three glaze choices
• We produced the entire 60 cover bespoke crockery range within David’s budget

• The crockery collection was delivered in a timely fashion
• All of David’s requirements for the crockery range were met by ensuring the products were hard-waring, dishwasher proof and budget friendly
• David was extremely happy with his unique tableware and would be delighted to work with Surrey Ceramics again

David Orme of The Find, Cheltenham, said: “Dealing with Surrey Ceramics was an absolute pleasure. Not only are their ceramics stunning, but they are such lovely people to deal with. They were so helpful, offered more or less what we wanted (even offering bespoke solutions such as swapping handle styles between pieces). They rushed the order through for us and even got an advanced delivery out for our photo shoot. The constant compliments we get from our customers is overwhelming and amazingly, we get very few breakages. Despite being so beautiful, they are definitely fit for purpose. I would unreservedly recommend Surrey Ceramics!”

(Image courtesy of The Find)

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