Working With Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen: Ceramic Tableware to Compliment a 15th Century Setting

What was needed

We recently had the pleasure of working with Outlaws Fish Kitchen in Port Issac, owned by 2-star Michelin chef, Nathan Outlaw. We were introduced to Ian Dodgson, General Manager, and Kate Tamblyn, PA to General Manager through renowned hospitality distributor, Blueradish.

Ian and Kate were looking for a bespoke range of tableware that would reflect and compliment the establishment. Outlaws Fish Kitchen is set within a 15th century fishing cottage and therefore the tableware needed to be sympathetic of the historic setting.

The tableware also needed to consider the general surrounding environment, compliment the range of fish dishes on offer at the restaurant and impress the discerning cliental who enjoy eating exquisite foods.

(Image courtesy of Nathan Outlaw at Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen)

What we did

Following our initial conversation with Outlaws Fish Kitchen via Blueradish, Ian and Kate contacted us directly to further discuss their requirements. After establishing their needs and wishes, the client had a look through our website to explore our full range of products.

Ian and Kate shortlisted a range of products and glazes from our website and requested samples to gage how the products would work within the unique setting of Outlaws Fish Kitchen – something which we were happy to provide.

A second round of samples were then requested and sent off to the client, so they could trial their logo on the new tableware range.

After receiving the samples, we offered support for the customer by email and phone call, answering the questions and queries they had to help them through the decision-making process. We were able to offer Ian and Kate guidance on which shapes and glazes would be most suitable to meet their requirements.

Our discussions saw Ian and Kate finalise an order, with a range of products in our Soho, JO White, Barley and Triticale glazes.

(Image courtesy of Tim Barnes at Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen)

The results

  • A bespoke tableware range was produced with our Soho, JO White, Barely and Triticale glazes
  • The bespoke tableware order was delivered on time and in full on 22/12/2017
  • The tableware is being introduced into Outlaws Fish Kitchen in the Spring
  • The client was delighted with their order and would be happy to work with Surrey Ceramics in the future

 Image courtesy of Nathan Outlaw at Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen)

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