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Working with Gleneagles: Tableware with a rustic, handmade feel

Photo courtesy of Gleneagles

What was needed:

We were introduced to Gleaneagles’ Dormy Restaurant through catering distributor, Continental Chef Supplies (CCS) and their Scotland area account manager, Mike Conte.

Mike Conte contacted us January 2018 to discuss an opportunity he had with the world renowned Gleaneagles hotel. The hotel was looking for unique tableware that would complement their relaxed and effortless restaurant which overlooks the King’s and Queen’s golf courses. The tableware also needed to have a handmade and rustic feel, similar to more traditional ceramics rather than the mass produced items currently on the market.

As Dormy House was undergoing a complete refurbishment, they were looking at all aspects for the new restaurant including food presentation ideas that would tie in with the overall look and design concept. Surrey Ceramics fitted perfectly into their requirements and brief.

Understanding the high calibre and excellent quality of the tableware Surrey Ceramics produce, Mike Conti reached out to Surrey Ceramics to provide the solution to Gleneagles’ enquiry.

Photo courtesy of Gleneagles

What we did:

As the distance between The Dormy Restaurant and Surrey Ceramics’ base in Grayshott is considerable, a visit from the client at Gleneagles was a stretch. As a result, we were able to facilitate the enquiry by sending a large array of samples to Mike Conti which he could take to the venue for the client to consider.

A comprehensive range of samples were chosen based on the requirements of the client’s brief and sent to Mike Conti shortly after the enquiry being sent to us. This allowed the client to get a good feel of the quality of our products and narrow their selection before making a final decision.

As well as facilitating Gleneagles’ enquiry, the samples also meant that Mike Conti could continue to showcase our products to clients in northern England and Scotland; resulting in another order from the Three Chimneys in Skye.

We were able to further assist with the order by offering help and advice on shapes and finishes. The Dormy Restaurant were keen to invest in tableware that reinforced the look and feel they were trying to create and as a result, our advice helped the team confirm a final order that consisted of over 29 different product lines of various glazes; in total more than 6 pallets of tableware. These included over 400 units of our rectangle pie dish in our most popular glaze, Soho, and more than 300 units of our concave plate, also in the Soho glaze. Other glazes ordered included Sienna, Studio White, Ruskin Red, Pistachio, Oatmeal, Tempest and Delhi black.

Photo courtesy of Gleneagles

The results:

  • A full order of 3,496 products were delivered in agreed time frame of 6 weeks
  • The Dormy Restaurant team were delighted with their order and would be happy to work with Surrey Ceramics again
  • The tableware created a new relaxed and effortless feel in The Dormy Restaurant; just as the client had required


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