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How to choose the right commercial crockery for your restaurant

Buying new crockery for your restaurant is a sizeable investment and therefore a considered purchase. As a result, you need to make sure you have carefully considered every aspect of the process to ensure you make the decision right. To help, we’ve put together this helpful blog post to guide your ideas and have created a downloadable PDF for you to write down your thoughts on; allowing you to focus your ideas before you decide. Then, you can use this document as a referral guide when considering new commercial crockery. Browse our article below or scroll to the bottom to download your editable guide and checklist.


Probably one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right commercial crockery for your restaurant is ambiance. What feel are you trying to create with your restaurant décor and how do you want customers to perceive the establishment? Whatever that may be, the right tableware will go a long way in helping you secure that. Make note of themes and styles you want your restaurant to follow in our downloadable checklist and keep this is mind when selecting commercial crockery to ensure it complements your establishment.


Almost as importantly, you’ll need to consider how durable the tableware is. If you’re running a large restaurant with fast turnaround, you’re going to need to invest in commercial crockery that’s much more durable than that which would be required for a small, boutique style restaurant where guest numbers are lower, and turnaround is a lot slower. Of course, you’ll always need your crockery to be somewhat durable. But make a note on our handy print out of just how important it is for your crockery to be durable and how durable your crockery needs to be.


Consider how innovative you want to be with your tableware. Do you want commercial crockery that’s safe and will work with any meal and any décor? Or, do you want tableware that’s completely innovative and unique, something that will give you a competitive edge? Either way, it’s about what will work best for your establishment. Use you print out guide to make a note of how unique you want your crockery to be and ideas of styles, shapes and colours you like. This will help to narrow your focus and minimise the time you spend browsing product ranges.


Will the tableware you are considering stand the test of time? It’s likely if you’re investing in new commercial crockery that it’ll need to be fit for purpose for a fair few years before you consider re-investing in a new range. As such, is the tableware you’re considering timeless or is it based on a trend that might fade out within 6 months? We’re all for innovation, but there’s a balance between being unique and making a wise investment.


When buying commercial crockery, there are so many different materials to consider. Would you prefer ceramic or melamine? Do you want to use something more rustic like wood, or something more delicate such as china? To help narrow your search and focus, write down two types of crockery that you are willing to consider on our print out guide and discard any tableware options that don’t fall into these categories.


As with any purchasing decision, your choice of commercial crockery is likely to be limited to a set budget. Make sure you have this budget in your mind when shopping around. You’ll know roughly how many plates, bowls and other pieces you’ll need. Having an overall budget will help you to work out how much you have available to spend on each item. Make note of this at the start of your printed-out document.

Hopefully this guide has got your ideas flowing. Now download our ‘Commercial Crockery Guide & Checklist’ to write down your ideas and focus your thoughts so that it’s easier and less time consuming to find the crockery that’s right for your establishment.

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