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Surrey Ceramics, Distributors and You: How we Make Life Easier for Restaurant Managers

At Surrey Ceramics, we understand that restaurant managers have a lot on their plate. Ensuring the smooth running of a restaurant is no mean feat and keeping on top of things can be a challenge. With one task no less important than the next, we’re helping restaurant managers save time on choosing crockery one plate at a time, so you can divert your attention to more time-consuming matters.

So how do we do it?

Usually choosing new tableware for your restaurant is a slow process. Discovering which companies might sell the type of crockery you’re looking for, browsing their websites, ordering samples and finally placing an order is a time-consuming activity.

We’re slashing the time that process takes by working closely with distributors.

Working alongside reputable distributors, we’re bringing crockery right to your doorstep. In fact, the distributor will bring a range of crockery, so you can compare, contrast and get a real life feel for the products without having to go through the usual tiresome process.

If you’re a restaurant manager looking to purchase new crockery, working with a distributor could bring you a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Saving you time – the distributor will bring a variety of crockery options to your establishment, so you don’t have to trawl through website after website
  • Seeing the products in the flesh – you’ll get to see the products in person, enabling you to get a feel for what you do and don’t like without having to order tonnes of samples or visit lots of showrooms
  • Brand comparisons – you’ll be able to directly compare one company’s crockery to another
  • An understanding of your needs – by getting to know the distributor, they’ll gain a clearer insight into the needs and wants of your establishment, allowing the distributor to tailor the samples they present you with to your requirements

Using distributors to find a middle ground

We’ve listened to our customers, and we’ve come to realise that when restaurant managers are tasked with finding new tableware, it can be hard to find a balance that pleases both the chef and the finance team.

Using a distributor can get both your chef and finance manager on side.

When using a distributor, you will be able to:

  • Find a middle ground – having crockery bought to your establishment means you can have both your chef and finance manager involved in the choosing process. That meeting will allow for discussions that enable you to come to a solution which pleases both, rather than having to back and forth between the two for months
  • View a variety of samples that match your requirements – by talking to your distributor about yours, your chef’s and your finance manager’s requirements, they’ll be able to source crockery for that matches your exact needs

Working with distributors – Howard Bedford

At Surrey Ceramics, we’re lucky to work with many distributors. One of our longest relationships lies with Howard Bedford. A great distributor to work with, Howard has extensive knowledge of the catering sector and has many years’ experience working in catering environments.

In fact, he began his journey working in kitchens as a chef, so he is very familiar with the requirements of restaurants, hotels and even cafés.

As such, he’s well versed in understanding your needs and will bring new tableware samples, tailored to your requirements, to your establishment; saving you time and money.

Howard has become extremely knowledgeable of Surrey Ceramics and our tableware designs, finishes and capabilities over the many years of working together and will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

One of Howard’s most loyal customers and Surrey Ceramics fan, Connor Lowery, commented:

“I’ve used close friend of mine, Howard Bedford, for quite some time. Having a strong relationship with a distributor built on a solid understanding of my requirements means we’re on the same page when it comes to choosing crockery. As a result, Howard can provide me with the best plates from Surrey Ceramics, tailored to my personal taste! This inevitably speeds things up. I like to work closely with Surrey ceramics as they share the same passion and treat their products as art just like I do. And when two artists collaborate, brilliant things happen.”

(See Connor Lowery’s amazing creations by checking out his Instagram page here)

Our relationship with Howard:

We’ve worked with Howard over many years. His understanding not only of our products, but also of the wider industry, never fails to impress us. During our time of working together, Howard has also provided Surrey Ceramics plates to numerous clients within the industry.

Start saving time today!

If you’re looking for new tableware but don’t have time to source crockery that matches your requirements, get in touch with Howard who will happily source tableware that matches your requirements and present them to you at your establishment.

Howard Bedford (Crosby’s Southern Sales Manager)

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