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The Evolution Of Coffee

Coffee is no longer just a breakfast beverage, and the hospitality sector is stepping up with the realisation that customers are expecting the same standard of coffee at their local restaurant that they would get at their favourite speciality coffee shop.

More pubs, bars, and restaurants are investing in high-quality, high-tech coffee machines and sourcing the finest, small batch roasted coffee which can be traced from bean to cup. But none of that matters if you don’t have the right vessel to serve it in.

At surrey Ceramics, we have a range of coffee cups in different sizes to help you make the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Espresso: 60-100ml narrow bottom wider at the rim to ensure the crema lasts as long as possible and the heat stays in.

Cappuccino: 120-180ml Narrow base so the coffee shot remains more concentrated.

Americano: 150ml-250ml Cup size depends on how strong you want the coffee, but the ratio is usually ⅓ Espresso to ⅔ water and always add the water to the espresso shot.

Flat White: 150ml -180ml Smaller than a cappuccino cup to ensure the coffee has the most prominent flavour.

Latte: 300-400ml Larger mug making it easier to pour the milk over the espresso, and to create some latte art.

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