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Tableware Matters

When opening a new restaurant a tremendous amount of effort is put into the preliminary work of design, layout, colours, textures, furnishings, branding etc – It is just as important to give as much thought and effort to the tableware you are placing before your customers, as it gets noticed !

Your tableware will say a lot about the brand and what you are wanting to relate to the customer, it helps set the mood, be it country charm, shabby chic, sophistication, or invoking a specific affiliation to a country related menu.

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What is the ultimate compliment? Is in not when a customer asks ” who supplied the crockery or where can I buy this “. This means the customer has engaged so much in the presentation that they are wanting to extend the experience into a purchase.

We know the importance of this as we at Surrey Ceramics receive emails on a regular basis from end customers who have had just that experience – surely that tells you that you made the right decision.

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