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Firing takes its toll ! – kiln refit

Picture here is one of our six large kilns that is in need of a refurb. Due to the high demand over the last year our kilns have been firing 6 days a week and the constant use has been taking its toll. With heat in excess of 1260 degrees the kilns do go through some stress ! In this picture you can see that the kiln has been “patched” up on a number of occasions.

removing the old veneers

The first stage is to remove the old veneers.

This is a real messy job and protective clothing and masks is required. To remove the walls and roof took a few long days work.

Everything removed

With everything stripped back to the walls and roof the job of fitting in the new veneers can now get under way – after a good clear up ! Before proceeding to replace the veneers a close inspection is made of the roof and walls to make sure everything is safe, sound and secure.

new veneers

The next stage shown above is to carefully cement the new veneers tightly into place. On the roof you can see the thickness of the veneers. The technology is similar to that of the heat reflective tiles used on the space shuttle, that reflect the heat from the earths atmosphere on re entry. The veneers reflect the heat from the gas burners onto the ware so not absorbing it into the wall – making it more efficient.

all finished!

The above image shows the kiln after having being test fired and it is all ready to be re-commissioned back into service ready to produce our lovely stoneware catering ware to furnish the tables of many a restaurant – a job well done. For further information about our tableware please contact

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