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Re-fresh for less: Restaurant design ideas on a budget

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Is your restaurant becoming dated? Is it loosing life? Could it do with a re-fresh?

The idea of having your restaurant re-designed can be daunting as it often means closing your doors to the public and spending a large amount of your budget. But refreshing your restaurant doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. In fact, there are plenty of restaurant design ideas which can re-fresh the look of your restaurant without breaking the bank and without it consuming endless hours of your time. The best way to tackle the issue is to change one thing small thing that will make a huge impact, rather than re-vamping the whole establishment.

So, if you’re looking for some budget friendly, quick fixes, check out our restaurant design ideas and gather heaps of restaurant design inspiration.

Splash some colour

You don’t have to spend days repainting your whole restaurant or investing in all new wall art. A splash of colour here and there can really do the trick. Try painting just one wall with a vibrant colour that will give your restaurant a new lease of life. Alternatively, try adding a few vibrant cushions or colourful vases. This way, you can easily and inexpensively change these items as and when you want to; to suit the season, your new menu or changing of trends.

restaurant design ideas

Introduce easy-care plants

One of our favourite restaurant design ideas is to introduce easy care plants. Choosing the right plants will give your restaurant a modern, sleek feel which will breathe new life into your establishment. Whether you have plants on shelving units, potted on tables or do something more elaborate such as hanging them from the ceiling, this simple method is sure to re-fresh your restaurant without breaking the bank. The great thing with easy-care plants is that you won’t have to spend a fortune replacing them when you forget to water them. They are self-efficient and can go long periods of time without being watered.

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Update parts of your tableware

If your tableware is starting to look a bit sorry for itself, why not consider updating your range? Even if updating your entire tableware collection is out of your price range, introducing a few new pieces can really give a new feel to your establishment. Why not introduce new dipping pots that give a pop of colour or invest in new bowls which compliment but enhance your existing range? Either way, it’s a sure-fire way to add some life to your restaurant.

If you’re looking for bespoke tableware solutions to help bring your restaurant to life, why not explore our bespoke ranges? We have over 200 products and more than 30 glazes to choose from.

restaurant design ideas

Introduce mood lighting

An instant way to re-fresh the look of your restaurant without blowing your budget, is to introduce mood lighting. From simple solutions such as buying coloured light bulbs that emit a vibrant glow, to investing in quirky light fixtures, there is an endless pot of opportunities when it comes to lighting. Google, Pinterest and Instagram are full of great ideas when it comes to finding restaurant design inspiration and having an exhausting list of great lighting solutions.

restaurant lighting

Paint your existing furniture

If you’re current tables and chairs are looking slightly tired, but your budget won’t stretch to investing in all new furniture, why not paint what you already have? You could paint your furniture white and sand it down to give a vintage look, or paint the legs of your chair in bright colours to give a vibrant feel? Either way, it will instantly transform your restaurant and will require little investment!

restaurant design ideas

Feeling inspired? Why not give some of these restaurant design ideas a go. If you want further inspiration and design ideas for your next tableware ranges, take a browse around our website or see how we’ve worked with other restaurants to help create outstanding tableware ranges.

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