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Tableware trends for 2020 – making tableware part of the narrative

Tableware trends 2020

Dining nowadays is less about simply eating and more about the chef telling a story with their food. The rising use of social media among chefs to showcase their food means it is increasingly important that tableware becomes part of the narrative, enhancing the presentation without overshadowing the food. Hand-selected, bespoke ceramics can accentuate your food and is the perfect way to add a touch of originality to your dish. The guide below explores some of the top tableware trends for 2020 that can help bring your dishes to life.

Top tableware trends for 2020

Classic, clean lines:

Used for fine and casual dining alike, classic round plates will continue to be a popular tableware trend in 2020. The traditionally shaped plates frame food without distracting from it, making them a popular choice amongst chefs.

Another classic tableware trend set to stay in 2020 is rectangular plates. Rectangular plates can enhance a dish and make an interesting change from traditional round plates. They work well when serving a trio of items, such as starters or desserts, for restaurants that serve tasting menus or those that may be limited for tablespace.

Pair either of these shapes with the elegant lines of a tapered bowl and you can create a refined dining experience for your guests whilst keeping your portion sizes under control – and staying on trend!

Our choice:

We offer a range of classic round plates, including our concave plates which are available in 5 sizes and a variety of glazes to suit a range of settings. Codes 201, 202 and 203 come together as the perfect side, starter and main course plates, and 201 doubles up as the ideal dessert plate too.

The stylish sloped edges of our rectangle plates make them a distinctive addition to any tableware collection whilst keeping a polished look. Available in 7 sizes, look up codes 653-659 & 684 to explore your options.

Pair these with code 557 – our tapered bowl with wide rim which makes this an excellent choice for an array of cuisines.

Code: 557 - tapered bowls

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Contemporary crockery is another tableware trend set to stay in 2020. It’s all about offering a modern backdrop which gives chefs space to be creative with their dish and plating techniques. As such, you’ll notice a lot of establishments using flat round plates and large bowls with wide, flat bases, to present their menus. Pairing these shapes with reactive glazes will create a rounded, contemporary look.

Our choice:

Our coupe bowls fit perfectly with the contemporary tableware trend. Serving the purpose of both a plate and a bowl, they are perfect for salads, soups, curries and desserts alike. These on-trend bowls are incredibly versatile and give you room to play around with plating ideas. Check out codes 783NH and 782NH for individual and sharing sizes of our coupe bowl.

Our flat round plates also cater to the contemporary tableware trend. With their straight-sided edges, these plates naturally frame the food served on them; making sure the focus is solely on the masterpiece that is your dish. Leaving the edges of these plates unglazed will take your dish to the next level and make it truly pop. Check out codes 831, 832 and 833.

For something slightly different, check out our small rim flat round plates with a ribbed finish for a contemporary look. Browse codes 700, 701 and 702.

Code: 783NH (Photo credit - Haddington House Hotel)

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Irregular and organic:

Offering contrast to contemporary styles, irregular and organic shapes will continue to be a popular tableware trend in 2020. Irregular style plates and bowls can be utilised in several ways. Whether that’s to give traditional pub grub a comforting, home-cooked feel or in a high-end restaurant to add flare to a dish, irregular, organic shaped crockery works in many settings.

Our choice:

To meet the irregular tableware trend, we have two different irregular plate designs. Both styles offer subtle irregularities and are available in four sizes, meaning there is a plate to meet all your needs. Check out 221, 222 and 224 or 234, 235 and 236 for the perfect side, starter and main course plates.

We also offer irregularly shaped bowls which are suitable for an array of dishes. Check out shape HR8, which is the perfect balance between a bowl and a plate, and code 249 (oyster bowl) which also comes with a matching plate, code 238.

Code: 249

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Playful pieces:

The trend of serving food on peculiar items such as bin lids, shovels and miniature shopping trolleys is one we are all glad to see the back of. However, that doesn’t mean food can’t be served in a playful and exciting way. Theatrical dining has been on the rise, with restaurants striving to make going out for a meal a memorable, and more importantly, Instagram-able experience. To help with that, playful but practical tableware pieces which add excitement to a dish without being over the top, will be a tableware trend taking hold in 2020.

Our choice:

Our sake set enables you to serve sake the customary Japanese way (called sosogi-koboshi – to pour and spill over), by allowing you to pour the sake from the bottle into a jug until it overflows and fills a small cup. The waterfall effect looks great and gives diners an authentic experience when it comes to drinking sake. Check out codes RH10 and 954.

The traditional shape of a wooden serving board gets a modern makeover with our serving paddle, and with our choice of beautiful glazes, this piece can take any cheeseboard or burger to the next level. Check out codes 541 and 540.

Other playful pieces we recommend checking out include our tulip edged plates (codes 852, 853, 854) and our tapered bowl with a chopstick rest built into the design (code 554CHOP). 

Code: 554CHOP

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Making your tableware choice

If you’re looking to invest in new tableware in 2020 and need some inspiration, why not check out our gallery or visit our Instagram page to see some of the tableware we have produced for our other clients? Alternatively, book a visit to our showroom and you can browse our complete tableware choices, with our team of experts on hand to offer advice.

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