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Working with The PIG hotels: Tableware to complement their ethos

Tableware for The Pig Hotel

About The PIG 

The PIG hotels, established by Robin Huston in 2011, are a collection of shabby-chic, country house hotels based throughout the south of the UK.

They pride themselves on their commitment to home-grown and local produce, sourcing what they can’t grow themselves from suppliers within the local area and using only the freshest and most authentic ingredients for their menus.

The boutique-style hotels are market leaders in their field and currently have seven sites that span the south; from Kent down to Cornwall.

A trusting relationship

We started working with The PIG in 2011, when we supplied tableware for their first two sites in Brockenhurst and Bath. Since then, and as our relationship with The PIG grew, we’ve also had the pleasure of supplying their additional five sites.

Building a relationship like this is what allows us to work successfully with our clients. The PIG hotel group know from experience that they can rely on us. They know exactly how we work, what to expect from our products and in turn, we fully understand their requirements too. It means, when opening a new site, they know we will deliver exactly what we say we will within an agreed timeframe and have confidence that our tableware will have the exact look and feel they had envisioned. For us, our understanding of their requirements means we can get it right the first time, every time.

Tableware to suit their vision

From the very outset, the vision of The PIG hotels has been to create something very unique within the hotel sector. To “revolutionise the British hotel experience”, with every aspect of the hotel carefully considered and chosen. Aligned with this vision was the ethos to grow a lot of their own produce in their kitchen gardens and to source from the very best of local food suppliers – fresh from the farm and sea ensuring only the freshest and best ingredients are used by the chefs.

With this being at the heart of their concept, every element was important – including the tableware their dishes would be plated on. Being able to cater for the look, feel and colours they required to set the tone they were aiming to achieve, Surrey Ceramics became the tableware of choice.

The details

Want to have a look at some of the crockery we supply to The PIG hotels? Take a look at the images below. The hotel has opted for an eclectic mix of tableware, with one of the products featuring their iconic pig logo.

From water jugs through to plates, we provide The PIG with a whole range of tableware.

Images courtesy of The PIG.

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