Meet The Team

Toby Hutchins

Sales Director

I joined the team at Surrey Ceramics in June 2009 for just under 4 years before leaving to travel Australia. I came back and re-joined the company in November 2015 with the goal of learning all stages of production to better my understanding of the products we offer. I initially started in the glazing department, then moved on to making, the mould room, finishing, kilns, warehouse, and eventually transitioned into sales.

When I initially considered moving into sales, it was not something I had ever thought about but as I learned more about pottery, it became an easy decision due to my passion and knowledge of the products.
The best asset I have for sales is the knowledge behind the product and this will remain an imperative part going forward for myself and the team.

The main selling point for us is the uniqueness of our products and the options we provide. I believe it’s more about customers coming to see what we do and what’s possible, rather than us aggressively pushing sales.