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Tableware solutions for large and chain restaurants

As a large, chain restaurant, we know there’s a lot to consider when purchasing new tableware. Having a reputation to manage and an appearance to maintain means choosing the right tableware is essential. Making the wrong decision could prove costly.

At Surrey Ceramics, we’ve been working with large, chain restaurants for over 20 years so we understand what might be on your mind when choosing a new tableware provider. Common concerns we’ve encountered include:

  • Can you handle a large order? As a large restaurant or chain restaurant, you might be concerned that your desired tableware provider can’t keep up with your needs and facilitate your large order.
  • Will I have to wait a long time for my order? Not all tableware providers have large quantities of their products readily available. You might be concerned that you’ll have to wait a long time for your order.
  • Will there be consistency? Undoubtedly, you want each of your sites to offer the same experience to your customers. We’ve found that some large restaurants are worried that there might not be consistency with their chosen crockery.
  • Will my order surpass my budget? Large and chain restaurants are still restricted by budget. When ordering large quantities, you might be worried that you don’t have the budget.
  • Where can I find tableware that matches our brand? Working for a large, chain restaurant, you might be tied by branding guidelines which means all your crockery has to have a certain look and feel.

How Surrey Ceramics can help:

Our experience working with high street chain restaurants as well as small restaurants means we’ve been able to adapt our offering to suit both markets. We tackle your concerns, understand your requirements and work with you to develop tableware that ticks all the boxes.

Ensuring large chain restaurants get tableware that meets their requirements, we offer:

  • No minimum or maximum order quantity – Our no minimum or maximum order quantity policy means we accept orders of all sizes; so, there’s no need to worry about whether your order is too small or too large for us.
  • Fair and realistic deadlines – As a bespoke tableware provider, we don’t offer off the shelf solutions. However, we will always offer fair and realistic lead times and work with you to meet your deadlines and will work with your dedicated distributor .
  • Quality control – At Surrey Ceramics, we don’t use a production line. That means each piece of tableware we produce is handcrafted and checked by one of our members of staff. There’s little to no chance that a faulty product will slip through the net.
  • Fair pricing – Although bespoke, our prices are probably more affordable than you think. Our extensive range also means we can work with you to find a solution that falls within your budget.
  • Bespoke tableware – Can’t find tableware that complements your brand from other suppliers? We give customers the ability to combine any of our products with any of our glazes; allowing you to create tableware which falls within your brand guidelines.


Large Restaurants or chain restaurants we’ve worked with:

Over our 20+ years of working within this industry, we’ve had the pleasure of helping many large restaurants find the right tableware solutions.


Popular high-street restaurant, Nandos, approached us to create a new Fino Platter as part of a new menu launch. The order quantity ran into the thousands and although we were handling plenty of other orders at the time, we were able to complete this order on time and to the client’s brief.

Read more about our work with Nandos here:

(Image courtesy of Nandos)


We began working with COYA back in 2012 when Executive Chef, Sanjay Dwivedi who was looking for unique crockery from a local supplier, got in touch. Since then we have also had the pleasure of supplying crockery to their London, Dubai, Miami and Monaco restaurants.

Read more about our work with COYA here:

(Image courtesy of COYA)

Bella Italia

We’ve been working with Bella Italia for many years to provide tableware to over 100 of their restaurants. We continue to develop and discuss food presentation ideas and solutions.

See our crockery in action at Bella Italia by checking out their Instagram feed:

Bella Italia Surrey Ceramics

(Image courtesy of Bella Italia)

If you’re a large chain restaurant looking for a new tableware supplier, get in touch with our team today who will be happy to advise based on your requirements.

Alternatively, browse our website to discover your tableware options or visit our gallery to get some inspiration.

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