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Ideas in Action – Sushi Samba – London

Working with chefs always draws out the creative nature of both sides, – none more than working with Claudio Cardosa Executive Chef of Sushi Samba, Herons Tower London . We have our artistic flairs in different spheres but when working together we can produce some unique, interesting, inspiring, and unusual presentation forms.


You know for sure that when Claudio is on a visit here he will be avidly looking around at all shapes and forms, even those not normally associated to tableware, and how those forms may bring a unique aspect in presentation and to the dining experience. This combination of the “creative” from two backgrounds can spark together.

In the main image above you can see how the unusual has brought about a truly unique presentation form that is bound to spark customer interest. Look closely and you can see how the detail and personalisation have been brought together. If you want a closer look then you will need to pay a visit to Heron’s tower in London.

Following conversations and discussions with Claudio on the things we were working on at the pottery and “toying” with – you can see how we have literally taken bark from a tree and worked forms with a natural glaze effect using modern techniques – shown with one of Claudio’s creations.

Ceramic Bark - creation by Claudio Cardosa at Sushi Samba London


We look forward to working with Claudio on other ideas – art in two forms coming together.

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