Bespoke vs Commercial Crockery: The Pros and Cons

It’s true what they say, tableware can make or break the dining experience; so, it’s essential you make the right choice when it comes to selecting tableware for your restaurant. Making the right decision in a market that’s swamped with so much choice can be laborious. So we’ve taken a step back to analyse the pros and cons of both bespoke and commercial crockery to alleviate the headache and make choosing the right tableware for your establishment much less challenging.

Pros of bespoke crockery:

  1. When choosing bespoke crockery, you have the freedom to design tableware that compliments not only your food, but your restaurant too. When you have tableware that works in cohesion with your establishment, you create an outstanding dining experience which sets your restaurant apart from the rest.
  2. By designing your own tableware, you have the ability to create crockery that’s unlike anything your competitors might be using. This sets your restaurant apart in a crowded market and encourages diners to snap and share the unique dining experience.
  3. Designing your own crockery gives you the capacity to determine the overall usability. That means you can purposely choose materials which can be exposed to high heats or used in the dishwasher.
  4. Unique tableware can give your restaurant an instant makeover. That means you save on redecoration costs by simply choosing to update your restaurant crockery.
  5. Bespoke crockery can provide improved quality and durability when compared to commercial crockery. Its handmade nature means you can select materials which are designed to withstand the stresses of a fast-paced environment.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, bespoke crockery can be made in high volumes. That means you can have something that’s unique and caters for all your restaurant covers.

(Bespoke crockery courtesy of Villa Mamas)

Pros of commercial crockery:

  1. The off the shelf nature of commercial crockery means that delivery can often be faster than bespoke solutions. When you order commercial crockery, it’s likely that your products will be immediately ready for dispatch.
  2. It’s common for commercial crockery to be relatively inexpensive when compared to bespoke tableware. Commercial crockery doesn’t have to go through the same manual designing and production processes as bespoke tableware and therefore is often more cost efficient.
  3. As commercial crockery is often made in large batches, replacements are usually readable available as soon as you might need them.
  4. With commercial crockery, the design is readily available for you to select. You don’t have to invest time into fabricating an idea which frees you up to work on what you’re best at.

Commercial Crockery

(Commercial Crockery)

Cons of bespoke crockery:

  1. Bespoke crockery is often more of an investment than commercial crockery. You must spend both time and money ensuring you get the design right.
  2. Due to the handmade nature, bespoke crockery is not readily available. That means it can often take longer to receive a bespoke tableware order than tableware you choose off the shelf.
  3. Despite having the freedom to create something which is reinforces your meal and restaurant atmosphere, there are still limitations when it comes to creating bespoke tableware. For example, its very unpractical to have star shaped tableware as the edges are likely to chip and/or break off.

(Bespoke tableware courtesy of Thai Square)

Cons of commercial crockery:
  1. When buying commercial crockery, you can only choose from what’s there. That means you’re both limited and restricted and might not find tableware to compliment your establishment.
  2. Commercial crockery comes off the shelf, which means there’s nothing stopping your competitors using the same crockery as you. As a result, you can’t use tableware as your differentiator, taking away your edge.
  3. Depending where you buy from, commercial crockery can often be of poor quality. This is because commercial crockery is designed to be quick and easy to make and therefore often lacks the luxurious feel that bespoke crockery possesses.

(Commercial Crockery)

Bespoke crockery will help your restaurant stand apart from the competition, bring your establishment up to date and create a unique dining experience. If you think bespoke crockery might be for you, speak to one of our experts. We can advise on the best glazes and styles for your establishment, create unique solutions for your requirements and also have the capacity to create large volumes of bespoke tableware. Alternatively, take a look around our website, where you can find a range of our products and finishes.

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