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Working with Hart Street Tavern: Championing artisans & local producers

hart street tavern

Image courtesy of Hart Street Tavern

What was needed

For just over a year we have been supplying Alex Sergeant and David Holliday of The Bottle and Glass Inn with tableware for their restored pub which serves great food in a casual, friendly environment.

Following the success of their first opening, Alex and David opened Hart Street Tavern in Spring 2019. Their second pub, which is located by the river in Henley on Thames, has a slightly different focus to The Bottle and Glass Inn; serving simple dishes beautifully prepared with produce from some of the very best artisans in their local area.

Championing local suppliers and actively seeking suppliers that shared the same passion for great food and a thoughtful ethos, Alex and David turned to us to produce the tableware for their new venture.

hart street tavern

Image courtesy of Hart Street Tavern

The process

In March 2019, Alex and David visited our newly renovated showroom. Located just over an hour away from their new pub, working with us meant that their tableware would also fit with their desire to work with local businesses.

Alex and David wanted their tableware to have a different look and feel to that of The Bottle and Glass Inn. That meant different glaze finishes and shapes which would also complement the menu that was being offered.

After browsing our extensive range of products and glazes and offering advice on suitable glaze options, Alex and David were sent a series of samples to get a feel for how they would work in their new establishment.

The final decision was for an order of more than 700 products including our rimmed irregular plates, rimmed irregular oval platters, sectioned dip dishes, thick rimmed rectangle plates and tea/coffee sets.

Murano was the glaze Alex and David settled on and it would be used for most of the plates and serving ware they ordered. This simple yet intricate glaze is natural with a white/grey pearlescent finish which offers the ideal, clean and simple backdrop for food presentation.

To add a pop of colour, the team opted for tea and coffee sets in the bolder, more vibrant Nirvana glaze.

hart street tavern

Image courtesy of Hart Street Tavern

The results

  • An order of over 700 products was fulfilled to specification
  • Alex and David opened Hart Inn Tavern in Spring 2019 with tableware which complemented their establishment and emphasis on serving simple dishes

hart street tavern

Image courtesy of Hart Street Tavern

Looking for new tableware for your restaurant? Why not explore our entire range of products here, or glazes, here. Alternatively, book a visit to our showroom to explore your options.

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